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We really value hearing from everyone at home and the people we meet on the way.
Allison Boehm
1/3/2010 06:17:36 am

Hi Shanna and Sam. All the best for your fantastic adventure. Can't wait to hear about your adventures.

Allison from TSS and Burwood

1/13/2010 11:39:04 am

Good luck guys! We'll miss you both and all the best for your new adventure. Take care of yourselves and we'll look forward to seeing the updates here. ;)

1/14/2010 05:13:47 pm

Have a fantastic trip, l am looking forward to reading all about it and seeing the pictures!

Nat Ison
1/17/2010 09:07:19 am

I am so excited for you both, sounds amazing (and so far on your site, I love the equipment lists)! Have a fantastic journey...

Emma Morgan
1/17/2010 03:30:51 pm

You guys are crazy! Good crazy, but still crazy. It is so exciting just hearing about your plans can't wait to see what happens and hear about it all.

1/17/2010 04:12:06 pm

Thanks for the support guys! Great to hear from you, keep in touch!!

Kim Evans
1/18/2010 07:53:15 am

1/18/2010 07:58:26 am

Love the web site, good luck guys !

Serena Thompson
1/19/2010 01:26:55 pm

So the adventures have begun...
Very exciting!!!
Love your travelog... look forward to seeing more!
All the best guys.

Kerrie Jackson
1/20/2010 03:01:26 pm

Great website guys, all the best for a safe trip.

Let me know if you need somewhere to stay in Brissie, we've got loads of space and we're close to the airport.

Good luck!!

Trevor Evans
1/22/2010 08:40:11 am

You have already inspired me to plan something challenging in the near future

We really enjoy reading your blogs


Bro and Chelle
1/22/2010 07:31:49 pm

whooooo, looks like the killometers are flying by already, you'll be around and back in no time, keep safe! talk soon

1/22/2010 10:20:26 pm

Inspirational!! Love the website Idea. I have just spent an hour mesmerised by the beginnings of your little/BIG adventure. Keep the updates coming as I will be following along with you. I thought I was doing well riding 10K's each way to work and back every shift...Lots of Love Jared, Sarah, David, Charly, Joshua and Jordan

1/23/2010 08:41:24 am

Guys. You know how inspired and in many ways proud I am of ya. Have an absolutely wonderful time out there together! We'll keep up to date with your travels and adventures through this fantastic website! Good lock and may God watch over you both.

Sharon Csanki
1/23/2010 03:28:12 pm

Just read your travel blog - wow! What an experience! I'm looking forward to following along. You've shown strength of character to push through the pain, I'm sure it won't take long for the muscles to get used to it and then you can really enjoy it!

Alice Watson
1/23/2010 03:37:50 pm

I think your website's great. What you're doing is really impressive. I'll enjoy following along as you go from place to place.

Alice Watson

Mum and Dad Evans
1/23/2010 07:52:18 pm

As they ride on, heavily laden with supplies, equipment and sustenance, the long hot sun burns down upon their tired faces. The formidable north wind blows, challenging their every might, as an endless gruelling uphill battle continues, hour after hour after hour. A shimmering heat rises from the pitted road ahead and the sunburnt countryside offers no hydration for the weary traveller - not even a drop. And yet they continue on, on towards an unseen horizon with unquenchable determination to succeed ...

Trudy Hickey
1/26/2010 02:58:31 pm

Hey guys. It is so good to read your travel journal and get the update on where you are at and how it is going. All our love to you both. Love Trudy & Clayton xoxo

1/27/2010 09:01:56 am

you guys are CRAZY!!!!!!!! sounds very exciting though, and good luck =D

1/28/2010 04:32:11 pm

I have been lost in time immersed by the stories of your adventure so far. What an amazing journey this is for you both. What a great, once in a lifetime unforgettable experience this is. I'm so glad you have been able to realise your dream.

john cummings
1/29/2010 03:31:18 pm

Shan, you're a machine! I was just facebook snoopin on my phone while the little one's in the bath, and and came across all your bike tour comments. What an undertaking! Well all the best with it :) If you need anything while you're in brisbane - not sure you might of already left - just drop me an email and we can help out :) Good luck kiddo :)

Rob Campbell
2/6/2010 07:11:47 pm

Wow, simply awesome! Hope you guys are having a fantastic experience.

2/9/2010 10:09:03 am

Looking good Shanna - keep up the good work. By the way, could you review a media release for me on your next break?

2/16/2010 10:48:46 pm

wEew... what's up guys!! where u now..?? lost..?? remember me..?? in villa puri royan..?? btw hope you guys get wonderfull journey.. gOod luck..

2/21/2010 10:57:31 am

Hey guys,,,
Well we meet you guys back in January at Coffs Harbour, and omg sooo glad you guys are going great, and cant wait to see more pics, will have to get on the computer more often to see where you are up too, and what has been happening,
Good luck guys and all the best.......

2/24/2010 11:10:28 am

Hi.. Sam and Shana

It's nice to have your email and surf your website. Thanks alot for the stay at my house. I'm sorry if my English not good.

Bec Parke
2/24/2010 03:56:14 pm

Hey Shanna,
I just ran into your Dad and he was telling me about your trip - sounds amazing.
Good luck with it all - I'll be following your blog!

3/2/2010 05:31:28 pm


We met this morning when you were asking for directions to the bicycle repair shop at Eunos. I hope the directions I gave you were helpful and you got to your destination alrigt.

All the best to both of you on your advebtures


Sam and Shan
3/4/2010 05:52:34 pm

Thio - your directions were perfect! Thanks so much for your help :)
Wayan - your English is great! It was such a pleasure to meet and stay with you and your family.
Sanny - we miss the banana pancakes!! We're in Malaysia now :)

3/5/2010 12:47:45 pm

hi sam and shana, im from malaysia that you meet at shell petrol station.feel glad both of u have drop by at my proud cyclist like u can make a worldtour..really2 big adventure both of u have ..last words ..stay fit n keep on cycling

Faye Guthrie
3/6/2010 07:50:17 pm

Love reading each new episode. You write and describe everything so well, it's almost like being there with you. Have fun and stay safe! Faye

3/7/2010 12:02:08 am

hey brother n' sister....
it's amazing n' so exciting,
remember me???I'm a room boy at wisma bintan harmony, Tanjung Pinang :D
sorry,my english is not so good...
take care n' good luck for U

3/8/2010 10:03:49 am

Hi Sam and Shanna,

Still remember me? How's your cycle tour? Hope you are seccess to do it.

Please, send my wife's hello to your dog, Boston. She also sent her sorry about the food you both ate. The taste was so HOT.

Good luck!!

3/19/2010 11:43:53 pm

Sammy and Shanna Banna,

I got your postcard, it was to great to hear from you. I saw Boston last night at mum and dads, dad took him to the croydon pool and back... I imagine he slept pretty well after that. He misses you guys though! He's now realised Cole isn't as much fun as he originally thought he would be.

The photos are great, looks like you are both loosing a bit of weight. Probably all those cats you have been eating... not much protein? Miss you guys a lot! Be safe.

3/23/2010 11:20:32 am

What can I say, I woke up and came straight to the computer to check if their was a new blog. Your story is becoming an obsession... I cant believe when Shanna gets back she is going to be so good on the bike its amazing. Cant wait to go on some bike rides with you guys!

rob campbell
4/2/2010 09:20:29 am

Happy Easter Guys!! Hope all is going well on your adventure of a lifetime :)

Janette Tarawa
4/11/2010 12:03:16 am

WOW!! Thats all i can save I've spent the last 1/2 hour just flicking through your website. You guys are amazing. I think what you guys are doing is fantastic. I look forward to flicking through more. Good on you guys...!! Take care. Janette

Lynn Ali
4/18/2010 07:35:30 pm

Hi Sam and Shanna,

I from Malaysia and i really amazed by your world trip. So inspiring.
I stay in a state of Johor Bahru. I wonder if you already here.
Have a save trip.

4/23/2010 10:11:43 pm

Hi...Dwight here...just met you checking in to the hotel in Vientiane as I was checking out. My flight back to Kunming, China (my new home after living nine years in Shanghai) leaves at 6.40 in the morning. I understand you two will be coming through Kunming on your tour...see if we might get together Kunming mobile number is 152-8815-6157. With appreciation, Dwight

4/27/2010 05:40:15 pm

Sam and Shanna...I know Dwight Goldwinde and he embedded your site in his journal recently. I am from Chicago, IL, US and backpacked through SE Asia (NZ, AU, Bali, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and India in 1995. I will follow your journey which is way more ambitious and if you come to Chicago, email me...would love to meet up and show you around. If not, have a superb journey!

5/20/2010 09:40:16 am

Hi there from the Arvos!

I hope Sam is feeling a lot better now.
Fantastic journey, well done.!! x x

John Yang
5/21/2010 12:42:12 pm

Hi Shanna and Sam
i am John yang from bikechina,i met you guys in kunming china and had a short conversation with Shanna as we
stayed the same hotel there on May 14th.What an incrediable coincidence
i know for us like-minded people to meet on the road.It is a pity for me that i could not say bye to you guys because i took an early flight to Shangri-la the next morning and have
been on roads cycling until now.I hope
everything goes the best with you guys
in my home province where i am planing
to set up a base for cyclists who want to do Tibetan bicycle trip .During my
cycling trip in north-west yunnan in the
past week ,i met a couple from Belgium
doing similar trip like what you are doing ,and met many different independent cyclists in this region .To tell this just to let you know ,you are not alone on the road,cylists will
never be along on roads ,ever !
Not sure if you are still in Yunnan now,
deeply impressed by your grand world cycle tour as a chinese bicycle guide who has run tous for westerners in china for over 6 years .please let me know if you need any sorts of help throughout this region ,feel free to call or email with the contact info i left for you in kunming .
Stay safe and happy !

James Ong
5/27/2010 07:00:05 pm

Hey Sammy,
James from Bunnings here. Mate good to see the trip has been such a success. Looks like your having a freaking sweet time out there. Good on you for taking this on. I'm sure you're having one huge adventure that your going to remember for a lifetime. Stay safe mate.


keith fenton( bunnings bwater)
5/30/2010 02:08:42 pm

hi sam
Just been told about your web site .
sounds as if you and your wife are having a great time.china is a fascinating place .
Enjoy Turkey also very interesting.
I shall follow your journey with interest

6/6/2010 05:14:01 am


I've been reading your blog. Sounds like a great trip. I hope to do some long distance cycling myself someday. I'm an Irish backpacker, currently working and living in Kosovo. If you're in the area let me know you can camp in my living room.

Have fun

6/13/2010 02:58:46 pm

oi, hey look! I commented on your page! pretty impressive hey! love the pics of turkey and anzac cove :)

6/13/2010 03:40:19 pm

lookin at the map i sit and wonder why on earth you'd miss all the middle east excitement ahaha!! catch yourself a terrorist over there named bin laden and your cycle tour would be financially increased as he is worth quite and amount. surely two aussies on bikes can do better than what 250,000 troops have not done in 9 years

6/17/2010 04:59:59 am

Thanks so much everyone for your comments - it means to much to us to hear from you all! At times it can be tough on the road but knowing you're all supporting us and following our journey helps a lot. Keep on sending your messages!

Fi & Te
6/30/2010 11:59:54 am

Hey Shan & Sam
You are amazing !!!

7/11/2010 12:08:53 pm

Sam,do you remember the red DT Swiss Wheels? Yesterday,your townee Cadel Evans got the yellow jersey and became the new race leader on stage 8 of the 2010 Tour de France!

8/16/2010 11:11:32 am

Hello guys, I hope that your wonderful adventure continues at its best, from Brescia in Italy if you pass me a whistle ... bon voyage

you are wonderful ... keep it up

Lesley Common
8/28/2010 12:19:59 am


You guys are doing really well, covering a lot of ground.

If you are heading to the Lake District, look out for the world famous ginger bread shop in Grasmere, the home of Wordsworth (between Keswick and Ambleside).

There's also a fab sweet shop in Keswick and if you go to the lake by the main car park, you can see the sun setting over the mountains.

Frances, Megabites Sandwich Bar, Tramore
9/12/2010 12:48:24 am

Hello there celebrities!
Hope ye had a safe trip to Dublin. Glad ye enjoyed Tramore, it was lovely to meet you both, it certainly made my day! My husband & I have been enjoying your website, maybe getting some inspiration to get off our own behinds!! Looking forward to reading more of your adventures. Safe journey across the big pond!

Jessie Coe
9/20/2010 01:24:30 pm

Hi Sam and Shanna,

You two are AMAZING! I would have cracked it a long time ago. Hope your tent gets sorted out. I hope you are going to write a book. Take care XX

Margaret Moosman
9/20/2010 06:44:46 pm

Hey Shan and Sam)!!!
How awesome are you 2!!!! It's so inspiring reading your blog and looking at your photos...shanna you were destined to do awesome and inspirational things...all the best xo

9/26/2010 07:59:25 am

Sam: Great riding with you today in Boston for the Hub on Wheels ride. You really push the gears on that touring bike. Good luck to you & your wife with the rest of the trip. Safe travels.

10/1/2010 03:48:08 pm

Hope you're having a great ride in Oregon.
I enjoyed our visit, thanks so much for stopping at the bike shop.
Be safe and keep the wind to your backs.
Go Trailblazers!

10/13/2010 02:43:44 am

I'm loving keeping up with the Travel Journal guys, you're both good riders and the pictures are excellent too.
Looking forward to your future book :)

10/25/2010 12:12:57 pm

Came to your site through backcountry,
you see. I've got the same tent... with the same problems.
Not easy to return now sinc I'm riding (and working) In your home country at the moment.
But nice to see your pics & stories here!
Good luck,

Jamie and Adrian Ortiz
11/7/2010 01:36:49 am

Hi Sam and Shanna. We enjoyed meeting you so much and sharing our home with you for a short rest in San Diego. We hope Baja Mexico is treating you well. The weather is holding up, so that at least makes it a nice ride during the day...if the traffic can be as nice!

Shanna, you left your running shorts sorry you won't have them. But we think it's a sign you should stop running and rest more :)

Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Jamie and Adrian

11/24/2010 11:30:09 pm

Hey Shanna & Sam, just stumbled across this again - now bookmarked!
You are having a fun time, sorry Sam not meaning to belittle your illnesses.
Love this, it keeps me reading for hours checking everything out

All the best from all in the TMC @ Kew

Tony Charles
2/9/2011 10:09:38 pm

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We already work with a large number of happy publishers with very positive feedback.

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2/10/2011 10:29:15 am

Just checking out the other Blog Sherpa sites as I get a moment. Nice work here guys. Good luck on your adventures. Brandon from freewheelings

3/4/2011 02:05:53 pm

Don't take life too seriously; you'll never get out of it alive.

7/11/2012 05:30:51 pm

Was just bored and thought I would post to say hello


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