Distance: 10kms

Rest day today.

We left our tent set up and rode into town.

Shanny asked the lady at the hairdresser if she could get her scruffy, sun bleached curls cut, 'sorry, I have to go to the village to cut the senior citizens hair, but you can come back tomorrow.' 

So we rode on. 

Next stop was DQ, or Dairy Queen. We hoped to get some internet here, but all we got was a soggy burger with bacon and cheese.

So we rode on.

Next stop was a cafe in Bandon's historic 'old town.' Here we picked up some delicious sausage and egg wraps that we wolfed down whilst hijacking the wifi. We met up again with the English cyclists (Ned and Charlotte) we'd met yesterday on the road and camped with last night. But then it was closing time...

So we rode on.

That night we pulled down some dead trees and had a camp fire with Ned and Charlotte... On the fire we sauteed onions, fried italian sausages and sizzled sliced potatoes whilst we waited for our sweet potatoes and sweet damper (with jam and cream) to cook from deep inside the flaming embers. 

And then, with the sun slowly setting we enjoyed our delicious feast by the light of the crackling, fading fire, the flames warming our backs.



Peter N
10/08/2010 3:27am

Bet you're loving the exchange rate at the moment! It's almost dollar for dollar.

Andy M
10/08/2010 3:43am

Hi Shan and Sam,

Love the pic's of the campfire, and of course my fav are still the pics of where the black diamond is set up for the night! I can't believe that huge nail that got stuck in your tyre Shan! Well, its ride to work day here Wednesday, l am using you guys as my motivation to do it!
Big Hugs xx

Sam and Shan
10/08/2010 12:45pm

Peter - We are totally loving the exchange rate!!! Could there a better time for an Aussie in the US??
Andy - Send my love to all the VR riders - tell them to stay strong!


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